About Us

The fellowship is a three-year program which combines training in research, medical education, the refinement of clinical skills, advocacy, and leadership. With the mentorship of a diverse group of faculty, the program can be tailored to the fellow’s particular area of interest. The Academic General Pediatric Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for the pediatrician who would like to become a more diversified, multifaceted physician in an academic setting. Upon completion of the program, the fellow will be well-prepared to assume leadership roles in an academic setting.


To learn and apply research methodology, techniques and tools through training at an institution of higher learning and to present and publish the results of this research using standard oral and written formats.

To effectively teach students, residents, colleagues, and other professionals while assessing learner needs, providing timely constructive feedback, developing plans for improvement, and utilizing sound evaluation tools.

To refine and solidify clinical skills and precepting techniques, in order to provide quality care, serve as a role model, and effectively precept trainees.

To advocate for children in the community and interact effectively with community agencies and advocacy groups at the local, state, and national levels.

Practice the skills required to be a successful leader in the academic setting, including visioning, management, finance, interpersonal skills, and negotiation.