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Department of Neurology

Poster and Platform Presentations




American Stroke Association
2020 International Stroke Conference in Los Angeles, Calif. (Feb. 19-21, 2020)

  • Predictors of functional recovery after thrombectomy in posterior circulation stroke: Insights from the STAR collaboration.
    Alawieh AM, Eid M, Anadani M, Sattur M, Chalhoub R, Maier I, et al.
  • Post-acute stroke experience survey: Development and pilot testing.
    Anderson JA, Kimmel B, Martin K, Ovalle A, Ifeorah C, Jobe E, et al.
  • Cerebellar infarction presentations: A population-based study from the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Stroke Study.
    Kerber KA, Khoury J, Burke J, Meurer W, Alwell K, Moomaw C, et al.
  • Behavioral change intervention and predictors of self-management blood pressure control in underserved post-stroke population.
    Kimmel B, Fujimoto K, Saliba R, Anderson JA
  • No improvement in emergency medical services use by stroke patients from 1999-2015: A population-based study.
    Li JL, Sucharew H, Alwell K, Broderick JP, Coleman E, De Los Rios La Rosa F, et al.
  • High accuracy of predictive models for SAH using different machine learning approaches.
    Litvak P, Medikonda J, Menon G, Mandava P
  • Diffusion weighted imaging lesions in patients with acute intracerebral hemorrhage: A pooled analysis of individual patient data from MISTIE-III, ATACH-II, I-DEF, and ERICH.
    Murthy SB, Cho S-M, Gupta A, Shoamanesh A, Avadhani R, Gruber J, et al.
    Safety and efficacy of sonothrombolysis in acute ischemic stroke patients with large vessel occlusion: International collaborative individual patient data meta-analysis.
    Tsivgoulis G, Katsanos AH, Eggers J, Larrue V, Thomassen L, Grotta JC, et al.

American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ACNS)
2020 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, La. (Feb. 5-9, 2020)

International Neuropsychological Society (INS)
48th Annual Meeting in Denver, Colo. (Feb. 5-8, 2020)

  • Self-reported sleep quality and cortical thickness at 3-months post-mild traumatic brain injury.
    Merkley TL, Wilde EA, McCauley SR, Barnes A, Hanten G, Levin HS

University of Houston Health Research Institute
Health: A Call to Action Conference in Houston, Texas (Jan. 30-31, 2020)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
2020 Human Research Program Investigators' Workshop in Galveston, Texas (Jan. 27-30, 2020)

  • SPACE-CENT: Studying the physiological and anatomical effects of centrifugation and head down tilt - preliminary results.
    [Platform Presentation]
    Bershad E, Marshall-Goebel K, Venkatasubba Rao C, Damani R, Cohen H, Clark J, et al.
  • Intracranial effects of artificial gravity: A flow study at 3T.
    [Platform Presentation]
    Kramer L, Kramer D, Marshall-Goebel K, Hasan K, Laurie S, Bershad E
  • Optic disc edema develops during bed rest in subjects not exposed to elevated ambient CO2.
    [Platform Presentation]
    Laurie S, Macias B, Marshall-Goebel K, Greenwald S, Stern C, Bershad E, et al.
  • Evolution of eye examinations during bed rest studies: Maintaining ocular health in space and on Earth.
    Stern C, Mittelstaedt D, Stupp S, Klink K, Pittius M, Ritter S, et al.
  • Changes in refraction during 60 days of -6° headdown tilt bed rest.
    [Platform Presentation]
    Stern C, Pittius M, Ritter S, Mittelstaedt D, Klink K, Stupp S, et al.
  • Physiological monitoring of fluid shifts during orthostatic tilt.
    [Platform Presentation]
    Strangman G, Marshall-Goebel K, Hoffmann F, Moestl S, Tank J, Bershad E
  • Zero G and ICP: Invasive and noninvasive ICP monitoring and sans biomarker identification.
    Williams M, Bershad E, Levine B, Clark J, Malm J, Eklund A, et al.