Bringing healthcare to the homeless

Students serve through HOMES Clinic, Healthcare for the Homeless Houston services

It starts with breakfast, a get-to-know you session before the health care providers meet with their patients in clinic exam rooms. The health care providers are students from Baylor College of Medicine, The University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston and the University of Houston College of Pharmacy. The patients are members of Houston‘s homeless community.

The breakfast and clinic visits take place on Sundays at the Healthcare for the Homeless Houston clinic. On that day of the week, when the clinic wasn’t being used by HHH, the students pushed for a clinic they could manage. It is a student-run clinic with care overseen by attending physicians.

The care is provided in an atmosphere of caring and respect. Many of the students who will work that Sunday go out into the streets on Thursday afternoons spreading the message of free health care available that Sunday. In the clinic, they do routine medical care under the supervision of their physician mentors.

The program, overseen by HHH founder Dr. David Buck on the Baylor College of Medicine faculty, provides a valuable service to those who may not realize there is access to healthcare services for them. But it is also a valuable learning experience for the students. For many, it makes an impact that carries through their lives as they choose a career path.

Since coming to Houston in 1943, Baylor College of Medicine has been an integral part of Houston’s transition into one of the nation’s greatest cities. We are proud to be part of what makes Houston great.

- Paul Klotman, M.D., President, CEO and Executive Dean, Baylor College of Medicine

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Poised For Success

Find out how magnet programs, like Houston Independent School District's Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan, are preparing students for successful biomedical careers.

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Students Saving Lives

Our students are teaching basic CPR methods in the community to increase the number of those able to help in an emergency.

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Educational Outreach

Programs aimed at promoting interest in science and medicine that span K-12, creating diversity opportunities, and teaching teachers.

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Healthcare Outreach

Initiatives designed to provide care to underserved populations.

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Global Outreach

Partnerships that facilitate the sharing of knowledge, skills and talents to better lives for people from Honduras to Botswana, from Romania to China, and across the United States.

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Community Learning

Offerings that focus on a range of health-focused resources including seminars, lectures, online libraries, interactive experiences and featured events.

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Our Affiliates and Community Care

Baylor College of Medicine is fortunate to have some of the best hospitals as affiliated partners serving all segments of the community from the underserved to veterans. 

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Reaching Out To Teens

Dr. Peggy Smith talks about adapting outreach to meet needs of teens and young adults.

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Serving Our Veterans

Dr. Daniel Musher explains how the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center offers the right environment for teaching and learning, and, for exemplary patient care.

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Global Health Through Service and Education

Our outreach programs and initiatives span more than 60 countries. Baylor brings critical medical services to the most underserved communities across the globe.