The Biostatistics and Informatics Shared Resource’s Biomedical Informatics Group is a diverse team of project managers, software architects, developers, data managers, database administrators, system administrators and field support personnel working in concert to deliver enterprise-quality solutions to the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center and to Baylor College of Medicine.

Biomedical Informatics Group projects and services are subsidized for all Duncan Cancer Center members and funded largely through grants. Chargeback mechanisms exist for statistical software licenses, data and publication deposition in public repositories and high performance computing.

Tools and Services

Our tools and services include, but are not limited to support of:

Clinical Trials and Population Sciences Research

OnCore Clinical Trial Management System                    
Central, online electronic support of all cancer clinical trials with available support of other trials including support for electronic case report forms for data capture, calendars, protocol management, budgeting and financials management, quality control and assurance, etc. The BISR and CTSU jointly provide a robust service model to design forms, create electronic protocols and reports, and assist in execution of the protocol for investigators who do not have sufficient staff to do so.

CAISIS Electronic Data Capture (internal web application only)
CAISIS is a web-based electronic data capture solution for patient care and research integration outside of clinical trials.

Progeny for Clinical Pedigrees (internal application only) 
The BISR hosts Progeny Clinical to aid in management of genetic counseling testing and family history data. Contact for more information. 

Biobanking Research

Acquire Biobank Management
Central, online electronic for human biobanks, including HTAP (Human Tissue Acquisition and Pathology) and PSB (Population Sciences Biorepository) shared resources, as well as national banking efforts such as the AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource and Baylor College of Medicine Lymphoma SPORE site. The College's collection site of Specimens from thousands of participants are currently managed within this system. The Biomedical Informatics Group provides a robust service model to design annotation forms, create electronic protocols, inventory structures, and reports; train new users and provide data quality assurance. Learn more about Acquire Biobank Management or request specimens.

Basic Biology Research

Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas
The mission of NURSA is to accrue, develop, and communicate information that advances our understanding of the roles of nuclear receptors (NRs) in human diseases and conditions in which NRs play an integral role, including some cancers. Biomedical Informatics Group develops the NURSA Bioinformatics Hub and Transcriptomine, its freely-available tool for mining tissue-specific nuclear receptor transcriptomine data based on annotated published genome wide transcriptional profiling experiments in the field of nuclear receptor signaling. 

High Performance Computing Cluster          
Enterprise-grade HPC cluster running myriad common next generation sequencing pipeline tools and analysis packages with direct-attached, extensible Tier I storage. A tiered pricing strategy is available along with professional support, training and guidance. Contact for more information.

Scientific Software Licensing

Low-cost licenses available for 32- and 64-bit Windows Operating Systems.

Low-cost licenses available in both Windows and OSX versions

Ingenuity IPA         
Single, named user license seats are available for Qiagen’s Ingenuity IPA, contact

Oncomine PCD
Single user licenses available, contact

Education and Training

BISR members serve as trainee mentors and teach in a number of courses. Visit our Training and Education page for more information.