Message From the Director

Get to know the Dan L Duncan Cancer Center

Center Director Dr. Kent Osborne shares insight into the center, as well as a look toward the future.

Inside Our Research Programs

Reprogramming the immune system to attack cancer

Seven years after participating in a center immunotherapy study, New Jersey native's Hodgkin's Lymphoma is in remission.

Cutting off cancer's lifelines

Researchers work to develop a treatment without chemotherapy in targeted treatment for some breast cancers.

The ever evolving fight against cancer

The Cancer Evolvability Program creates a gateway between clinicians and basic scientists who are working toward more precise testing, treatment and cures for cancer.

Dissecting the motor of cancer

Dr. Bert O'Malley's passion for understanding how human cells works leads to insight in developing new therapies to treat breast cancer.

Research leads to cures for childhood cancer

Genomic approaches help researchers at Baylor and Texas Children's Hospital understand the cause of pediatric cancers, develop novel therapies to treat them.

‘Wound response’ of cancer stem cells may explain chemo resistance in bladder cancer

Baylor researchers working to find targeted treatment for bladder cancer.

New study identifies first gene associated with familial glioma

By examining the genetic link, Baylor researchers aim to improve treatments and preventive strategies for those with a family history of glioma.