Center for Precision Environmental Health

MIEHR Center Cores


Community and Engagement Dissemination Core


Aim 1: Translate and disseminate center science to increase awareness about environmental health disparities and enhance the capacity of individuals and organizations to make informed environmental health and health policy decisions.

Aim 2: Pioneer multi-directional communication strategies to engage community partners and other stakeholders to guide center activities, identify environmental health disparity concerns, become involved in community-engaged research and establish new avenues for disseminating center activities and research findings.

Aim 3: Evaluate the effectiveness of CEDC activities on enhanced community literacy, numeracy and capacity and their impact on achieving the overall goals of the center.

CEDC Community Advisory Board

The CEDC Community Advisory Board consists of five engaged community leaders and environmental health partners that reside in Houston, Texas. CAB members are public health representatives that remain active in the city’s communities that experience a disproportionate burden of environmental health threats. 


Investigator Development Core


Aim 1: Support multidisciplinary Pilot Projects in environmental health disparities research relevant to the overall goal of the MIEHR Research Center to elucidate the contributions of the environmental riskscape to health disparities in pregnant women and their children.

Aim 2: Enhance the potential for junior investigators from health disparity populations to obtain external funding for environmental health disparities research through training, Pilot project research support and mentoring.