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Saturday Morning Science Career Development Program (Mentee Application)


Baylor College of Medicine’s Saturday Morning Science (SMS) Program, is offering an opportunity for 7th-12th grade students to be matched with a STEM “career mentor”. These career mentors are Baylor College of Medicine faculty, staff or trainees who are interested in mentoring a student to aid in them achieving their ultimate career goals. Previous participation in SMS is not a requirement.

Prospective mentees will be matched with a Career Mentor based on their responses to the questions in their applications. Once matched, mentor/mentee pairs will receive an email from Dr. Rayne Rouce or other SMS staff connecting the mentor/mentee and outlining the responsibilities of each. Parent/guardian permission will be required for all participants under the age of 18. The duration of the mentor/mentee matching program will be one year. Mentors/mentees will be required to “virtually” meet at least four times per year but can interact virtually or via email as frequently as necessary. Mentors/mentees will also receive invitations to SMS-sponsored events.

Requirements of Mentees

  • Be respectful of mentor’s time and remain flexible with proposed meeting times.
  • Mentees should brainstorm questions and topics of discussions to receive mentor’s feedback.
  • Parent/guardian must be aware of interactions with mentor. 
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