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Population Sciences Biorepository


About the Core


The Population Sciences Biorepository supports a high-quality molecular epidemiology program in the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center and across Baylor College of Medicine. We also serve as a scientific resource for investigators on biospecimen collection and storage methods in their efforts to discover etiologic risk factors and deliver personalized medicine. 

We provide necessary risk factor and clinical data collection and a centralized, cost-effective facility for biospecimen processing and storage of biospecimens from large epidemiological and clinical studies. The PSB provides services for individually funded investigators as well as for clinical centers wishing to bank specimens prospectively from their patients for future research projects. The PSB clinical coordinators can assist with consenting, phlebotomy, and data collection, if needed. The PSB Laboratory provides full fractionation and aliquoting for blood and urine samples, as well as DNA extraction from whole blood, buffy coat, or saliva. Our team can consult with you to plan the data and specimen collection and storage needs for your projects.


The PSB has an ongoing recruitment protocol that recruits patients with the diagnoses listed in the table below. If you would like to develop a project using these samples, please contact the PSB director to learn about availability and the process for accessing these specimens.


Terms and Conditions for use of Core


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Core name: Population Sciences Biorepository
Personnel: Michael E. Scheurer, Ph.D., Core Director, Anne Truong, Research staff
Grants supporting the core: P30 Cancer Center Support Grant (NCI-CA125123)




Michael E. Scheurer, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Phone: (713) 798-5547
Email: scheurer@bcm.edu

E. Susan Amirian, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Data Quality
Email: amirian@bcm.edu

Anne P. Truong, B.S.
Assistant Laboratory Director
Phone: (713) 798-7480
Email: annet@bcm.edu