Protocol for Requesting Data from dbGAP

  1. Complete dbGAP application online: Leanne Scott is the BCM Signing Official, Jeffrey Pounds is the BCM IT Director and Security Officer. Save a copy of the PDF of the dbGAP application and submit – the PDF can be retrieved by downloading from a link on the right side of the screen for any one of the datasets that are being requested from dbGAP If you are storing your data on the Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center HPC cluster or on the Enterprise storage environment, you must complete the security document for the DLDCCC and provide it to Michael Dehart at If you are not storing on the DLDCCC, you will need to provide Jeffrey Pounds the location of the data that you downloaded. For information about the dbGAP application process available.
  2. Complete a BRAIN proposal. List all collaborators as key personnel who you listed in your dbGAP application Salary support is “0” and budget is “0” Select “non-monetary agreement”
  3. In BRAIN attachment section, you must attach the following: PDF of dbGAP application Data security plan for data housed at BCM PDF of an email from Jeffrey Pounds agreeing to your data security plan -- email him a copy of your security plan and application and ask for his approval Each collaborator must review the following security documents -- email the PI stating the following: “I certify that I have read and understood the terms, conditions, and statements in the Data Use Certification(s) for the requested dataset(s). I have also read the Code of Conduct.” Attach a PDF copy of each collaborator’s statement as an attachment in BRAIN.
  4. Contact your department’s grant administrator if you have questions about the BRAIN proposal (in ICTR/EPI, contact Georgina Armstrong.
  5. Submit your BRAIN proposal and ERCOI.