About the Lab

Our laboratory works at the intersection of three fields: epigenetics, top down proteomics and cancer. We use cutting edge top down proteomics tools to study the proteoforms of histones, transcription factors, nuclear receptors, co-activators/co-repressors, and chromatin ‘readers’, ‘writers’ and ‘erasers’. This proteoform level analysis of chromatin provides new insights into how chromatin regulatory mechanisms work and inform potential therapeutic strategies for cancer. 

Lab Projects

  • Histone Proteoform Dynamics in Response to Epigenetic Inhibitors
  • Histone Variants in Cancer and Cancer Treatment, Transcription Factor Proteoforms,
  • Cancer Drug Resistance
  • Pharmacological Profiling
  • Histone Proteoform Response to DNA Damage
  • Computational Approaches to Analyze Top Down Data and Interpret Proteoform Meaning

We are working on a variety of projects that are deeply connected by design and each informs the other in the underlying biological mechanisms.