Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) 2019 Conference on Practice & Quality Improvement

December 2019

Faustinella F, Zoorob R, Khan F. The transformative effect of medical narrative: How to fight stress and burnout through patient centered essay.

Barning K, Juneja S, Varadarajan S, Zare M, Thangirala A, Lahue J. Promoting collaborative “solutions” for preventing burnout in community based faculty.

Rode R, Shah N, Porter T. Engaging the patient in meaningful utilization of after visit summary.

Juneja M, Rode R, Zare M, Khan F, Zoorob R. Changing the lens: Uncontrolled diabetes in underserved populations.


2019 North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) Annual Meeting

November 2019

Agana DFG, Hansen M, Zoorob R, Wiaw W, Salemi JL. Salary differences between schools of medicine and schools of public health for non-clinical Ph.D. faculty.

Hansen M, Agana DF, Zoorob R, Liaw W, Salemi JL. Additional graduate degrees are associated with promotion amongst academic family medicine faculty.

Salemi JL, Agana DG, Hansen MA, Spooner K, Nash S, Hyman D, Zoorob R. Hitting the target on the Triple Aim: Innovations in a primary care research fellowship.

Bilotta I, Thamby J, Taylor A, Xiang Y, Tao C, Hansen MA, Liaw W, King E. Assessing subtle bias towards patients in electronic health record.


Texas Academy of Family Physicians (TAFP) Annual Session and Primary Care Summit

November 2019

Nguyen S, Franco A, Chavakula V. Familias contra diabetes: Group visits to teach self-management strategies to diabetic patients and their families.


Combined BCM Narrative Medicine Program and the McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics

November 2019

Faustinella F. The life of others.


American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting & Expo

November 2019

Levine RS, Mejia de Grubb MC, Salemi JL, Wood SK, Gittner L, Khan H, Hennekens CH. Infant mortality and youth homicide rates.

Striley CW, Lloyd S, Pieters R, Agana DF. Reducing unnecessary ED visits: Adults with chronic illness acknowledge existing social support but desire additional support opportunities.


MD Anderson Annual Postdoctoral Science Symposium

October 2019

Agana DFG, Hansen M, Zoorob R, Wiaw W, Salemi JL. Salary differences between schools of medicine and schools of public health for non-clinical PhD faculty.


General Practice Research on Infections Network (GRIN 2019) in Leuven, Belgium

September 2019

Grigoryan L. Invited presentation: Improving antibiotic stewardship for urinary tract infections in the United States.


BCM Annual Showcase of Educational Scholarship by the Academy of Distinguished Educators

September 2019

Herrera A, Calloway-Yanoff E, Anireddy N, Nguyen ST, Varadarajan S, Sidani MA. Making a newborn circumcision model.

Herrera A, Okorafor N, Nguyen ST, Calloway-Yanoff E. Resident led clerkship shelf reviews and encouraging family medicine as a career.

Bhavsar P, Pette C, Lee J, Sarkar A, Aggarwal A. Closing the gap in undergraduate medical education: A primary care elective championed by medical students.


Texas Academy of Physician Assistants (TAPA) Regional CME Conference

September 2019

Atkinson JO. Cultural competency in primary care: A closer look at the impact of communication on primary care.


MD Anderson Annual Postdoctoral Science Symposium

September 2019

Agana DF, Hansen MA, Zoorob RJ, Liaw W, Salemi JL. Salary differences between schools of medicine and schools of public health for non-clinical faculty.


BCM Center of Excellence in Health Equity, Training and Research 2nd Annual Summer Research Summit

July 2019

Willis S. Using Z-Codes to address social determinants of health.

2019 Center of Excellence in Health Equity, Training and Research (COE) Summer Research Summit

June 2019

Faustinella F, Barning K, Zoorob R. The development of the same day clinic system as a means to increase access to health care among racial and ethnic minorities.

Society for Epidemiologic Research

June 2019

Palumbo S, Robishaw J, Levine RS, Hennekens CH. Geographic variations in temporal trends in mortality from prescription opioids.

Rubenstein A, Wood SK, Levine RS, Hennekens CH. Alarming trends in deaths from firearms among US school-age children.

UT Health Mc Govern Medical School Family

May 2019

Jeffcoat D, Khan R, Nash S, Sidani M, Warwick E, Salihu H, Zoorob R, Aggarwal A. Development of an ultrasound simulation workshop to teach basic OB skills. *Honorable Mention Award

Khoaja M, Okorafor N, Salemi JL, Nash S, Sidani M, Warwick E, Salihu H, Zoorob R, Aggarwal A. The new blended classroom format for the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) Provider Course: Assessing providers’ reported self‐efficacy in emergency obstetric procedures.

Annual International Symposium on Congenital Heart Disease in the Adult

May 2019

Salciccioli KB, Salemi JL, Broda CR, Lopez KN. Disparities in insurance coverage for hospitalized adult congenital heart disease patients: The effects of the Affordable Care Act. *Awarded Best Poster Abstract in recognition of ‘innovative and outstanding research that results in important insights into the pathophysiology, etiology, treatment, or outcomes in adults with congenital heart disease.

Texas Educator’s Academies Collaborative for Health Professionals Southeast Educational Symposium (TEACH-S)

May 2019

Wisnoski B, LaCour-Chestnut F, Webber Rosenburg K, Wendt E. Resident outcomes and attitudes regarding a pediatric obesity quality improvement project in a resident continuity clinic.

LaCour-Chestnut F, Dao T, Koukaz Y. Integrating social determinants of health education into a residency curriculum.

CPRT Smoking Cessation and Lung Cancer Screening Shared Decision Making Workshop

May 2019

Zoorob R, Mejia de Grubb MC. Lung cancer screening shared decision-making.

Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine: Academic Internal Medicine Week 2019

April 2019

LaCour-Chestnut F. Social determinants of health: Residency curriculum implementation

STFM Annual Spring Conference

April 2019

Salemi JL, Modak S, Raza AS, Zoorob R, Mejia de Grubb MC. Opioid use during pregnancy increases postpartum readmission rates in women with and without major obstetric comorbidities. *Selected a top-ranked and highest regarded in the submission category, and received the distinguished paper assessment for the Completed Research Project category.

Nietfeld L. Scholarly Topic Roundtable Presentation: Development of an immigrant medicine elective for pre-clinical medical students.

Gonzalez S, Thompson D, Mosqueda M, Zoorob R. Reducing HIV risk through integrated substance use disorder treatment: A comparison of health-related outcomes.

Aggarwal A, Nash S, Salemi, JL Sidani, M, Latimer P, Trantham R, Zoorob R, Boland N. Completed Scholarly Project: The new blended classroom format for the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) Provider Course: Results, reflections, and recommendations.

Salemi, JL, Chima CC, Mosqueda M, Wang H, Horsfield M, Vasquez M, Williams D, Sidani M, Zoorob R. Completed Scholarly Project: A randomized controlled trial of health coaching and education for diabetes distress (CEDD Trial).

Zoorob R, Gonzalez S, MacMaster S, Shenoi N. Evidence-based substance use disorder treatment for women.

Salemi JL, Nash SG, Spooner KK, Hartje J, Gonzalez SJ, Zoorob R. Completed Scholarly Project: Implementation of an interprofessional alcohol screening and brief intervention project to effect practice change in primary care clinics.

Gonzalez SJ, Kowalchuk AA, Mejia de Grubb MC, Thomas K, Zoorob R. Completed Scholarly Project: Development, implementation, and evaluation of a nationwide screening and brief intervention training program for family medicine residents.

Spooner KK, Salemi JL, Zoorob RJ. Health-related internet use in community health settings: insights from patient and provider perspectives.

Mejia de Grubb MC, Zoorob R, Salemi JL, Modak S, Levine RS. Completed Research Project: A nationwide study of breast cancer, depression, and multimorbidity in the US: An increasing problem among women and men.

Wang H, Levine RS, Zoorob R, Mejia de Grubb MC. Completed Research Project: The incidence, trend and survival of infant cancer in the US from 1975 to 2014.

Mosqueda M, Zoorob R, Gonzalez SJ, Kowalchuk AA, MacMaster SA. Completed Research Project: Substance use disorder treatment expansion program for high-risk women.

Gonzalez SJ, Thompson D, Mosqueda M, Zoorob R. Completed Scholarly Project: Reducing HIV risk through integrated substance use disorder treatment: A comparison of health-related outcomes.

Wang H, Mejia de Grubb MC, Salemi JL, Sidani M, Zoorob R. Completed Research: Timeliness of HbA1c testing in patients with diabetes in an urban family medicine private practice.

Zare M, Juneja M, Khan F, Lahue J, Small J, Zare I, Moreno C, Zoorob R. Completed Scholarly Project: Uncontrolled diabetes in the underserved: Lessons learned from a patient compliance and SDOH focused interdisciplinary pathway.

Levine RS, Mejia de Grubb MC, Weiss M, Salemi JL, Zoorob R, Henneken C. Completed Research Project: FDA certification of treatments for infection with hepatitis C virus and increased racial disparities in mortality from hepatocellular carcinoma.

Hansen MA, Salemi JL, Zoorob R, Shegog R. Studying technology acceptance to improve advanced usage of patient portals.

Huang W, Atkinson J, Barning K, Purkiss J, Ruiz E. Improving feedback from family medicine clerkship preceptor.

Levine RS, Fu J, Mejia de Grubb MC, Salemi JL, Zoorob R, Henneken C. Completed Research Project: Persistent racial inequalities in mortality from HIV after introduction of highly active anti-retroviral treatment (HAART).

Zare M, Zare S, Juneja S, Khan F, Lahue J, Klawans M, Medina G. Completed Scholarly Project: Rekindling the joy in practice, reducing burnout and improving physician satisfaction.

Sulapas I. Roundtable discussion: Introducing MSK ultrasound in a family medicine clerkship: An update with student review.

Society of Healthcare Epidemiology of America Spring Conference 2019

April 2019

Grigoryan L, Germanos G, Zoorob R, Juneja S, Raphael JL, Paasche-Orlow MK, Trautner BW. Use of antibiotics without a prescription in the United States.

Skelton F, May S, Grigoryan L, Martin L, Poon I, Holmes A, Trautner BW. Spinal cord injury provider knowledge and attitudes towards antibiotic stewardship for bacteriuria: Mixed methods analysis.

Brastman AT, Mathias K, Rose SR, Grigoryan L. Outpatient fluoroquinolone prescribing patterns before and after FDA warning.

BCM Annual Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Conference

April 2019

Sarkar A, Barron O, Pette C, Nash S, Varadarajan S, Mahadasyam S. Improving pediatric immunization schedule non-adherence in an underserved community clinic.

Webber Rosenburg K, Wisnoski B, LaCour-Chestnut F, Wendt E. Improving assessment and management of pediatric obesity in a resident continuity clinic.