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Primary Research Papers


Ando, K., Parsons, M.J., Shah, R.B., Charendoff, C.I., Paris, S.L., Liu, P.H., Fassio, S.R., Rohrman, B.A., Thompson, R., Oberst, A., Sidi, S. and Bouchier-Hayes, L. NPM1 directs PIDDosome-dependent caspase-2 activation in the nucleolus. Journal of Cell Biology (2017) 216:1795-1810.

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Ando, K., Kernan, J.L., Liu,P.H., Sanda, T., Logette, E., Tschopp, J., Look, A.T., Wang, J., Bouchier-Hayes, L. and Sidi, S. PIDD Death-Domain Phosphorylation by ATM Determines Prodeath Versus Prosurvival PIDDosome Signaling. Molecular Cell (2012) 47:681-693.

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Reviews and Book Chapters


Reviews and Book Chapters

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