James Orengo Lab

Lab Culture


The Orengo lab aims to foster a collaborative and scholarly scientific environment. Our lab culture best melds with individuals who are highly self-motivated, passionate, creative and most importantly team oriented. We feel that science is an exciting and rewarding career worth a major investment of time and energy.

The Orengo lab is a young and enthusiastic lab, which is always looking to grow with new team members in all positions from technical support, to graduate students, to post-doctoral fellows. Anyone interested in learning more about our work can email Dr. Orengo directly. We are driven by discovering novel mechanisms leading towards motor neuron degeneration and using these discoveries as entry points to develop therapeutics for individuals afflicted by these devastating disorders.  In addition, to Dr. Orengo’s role as a principle investigator, he also also serves as a Neuromuscular specialist in the BCM and sees patients with rare genetic variants leading to nerve and muscle disease as well as co leading the multi-disciplinary ALS clinic.