CryoEM Core's Major Equipment

The CryoEM Core is a state-of-the-art resource for near-atomic resolution 3-D analysis of the structure and dynamics of macromolecules and assemblies, either purified or within cells. Four Gatan cryo-specimen holders for three of the JEOL 200 kV electron microscopes. Equipment includes:

  • One Jeol 60 degree tilt cryo-specimen holder
  • Two Jeol 70 degree tilt cryo-specimen holders
  • One Jeol 80 degree tilt cryo-specimen holder
  • Three Room Temperature specimen holders

All are outfitted to operate in our JEOL 2010f, 2100, and 2200 Microscopes and operate with appropriate cryo-transfer systems. 

One FEI Mark IV Vitrification Robot used for cryo-specimen preparation.

One Leica EMGP automatic plunge freezing apparatus for cryo-specimen preparation.

One Fischione Model 1070 Nanoclean, one Ernest Fullam Glow Discharge, and one PELCO easiGlow™ for TEM grid preparation and treatment.

One EMITech carbon evaporators for advanced grid treatment.

One light microscope.

Various Cole Parmer cryo-storage dewars for cryo-specimen and grid preservation and storage. 

Tissue culture laboratory equipped with NuAire Biological Safety Cabinet Class II Type A/B3 Model Nu-425-400, NuAire Autoflow IR Direct Heat CO2 Incubator (2x), VWR Fridge (Full Size and Mini), VWR Liquid Nitrogen Storage. Other relevant equipment will be procured soon.

Our associated laboratories are also equipped for buffer preparation, tissue culture preparation, cell culture preparation, and protein purification. Our ÄKTA Pure HPLC is available for on-site size exclusion chromatography.