Assistant Professor
Neurosurgery (Primary) & Neuroscience (Secondary)
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX, US


Postdoctoral Fellowship at Genentech, Inc.
PhD from Stanford University School of Medicine
AB from University of California-Berkeley
Molecular and Cell Biology

Professional Interests

  • Neuronal injury and cellular stress signaling pathways
  • Axon regeneration
  • Neurodegeneration
  • CNS trauma, including spinal cord and optic nerve injuries

Professional Statement

Neurons encounter a variety of insults that profoundly impact the function of the nervous system, from trauma (e.g., spinal cord injury) to neurodegenerative pathology (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease). The fate of injured neurons depends on their ability to respond and adapt. My laboratory aims to understand the mechanisms and consequences of neuronal injury signaling. This understanding will drive the development of new therapeutic strategies to enhance repair pathways and reduce pathological responses. Axonal damage provides an invaluable system for these investigations, providing: (1) distinct examples of the strikingly contrasting outcomes of injury signaling, from functional axon regeneration to extensive neurodegeneration; (2) technical simplicity of both in vitro and in vivo models, including genetic manipulation; and (3) application to persistent challenges in neurology and neurosurgery. My experience in drug development and clinical biomarkers research guides collaborations with industry and clinical partners for translation of our basic research insights.

Selected Publications