Pharmacology and Chemical Biology
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX, US
Cullen Trust for Higher Education Academic Chair
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas, United States


BS from Creighton University
PhD from University Of Iowa
Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Stanford University

Honors & Awards

Award for Beta-lactamase Research
Endowed Chair, The Cullen Trust for Higher Education Academic Chair
Best Overall Course Award for BCM Graduate School Core Curriculum for Molecular Methods course.
Divisional Lecturer
Division A Lecture
Excellence in Graduate Education Award
ICAAC Young Investigator Award
(ICAAC, Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy)
Young Investigator Award

Professional Interests

  • Protein structure/function and functional genomics
  • Enzymology
  • Structural Biology
  • Membrane Proteins
  • Drug Resistance Mechanisms
  • Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry

Selected Publications


Role of Beta-Lactamase Mutations in Antibiotic Resistance
- #R01 AI32956-25
Grant funding from NIH/NIAID
The goal of this project is to understand how the amino acid sequence determines the structure and activity of class A β-lactamases. This is being accomplished using a random mutagenesis approach to identify amino acid residues in the enzyme that are critical for structure and function. In addition, site-directed mutagenesis, enzyme kinetics and X-ray crystallography are used to understand the molecular basis of substrate specificity and molecular evolution of these enzymes.
Analysis of metallo-beta-lactamase sequence constraints at high resolution
- #R01 AI106863-03
Grant funding from NIH/NIAID
The goal of this project is to utilize combinatorial libraries and genetic selections for function in combination with ultra-high-throughput DNA sequencing to define the sequence requirements for metallo-beta-lactamase function with various beta-lactam antibiotics.
Molecular dissection of Norovirus replication and pathogenesis to develop therapeutics
- #P01 AI057788-11
Grant funding from NIH/NIAID
(Estes, PI) (Palzkill, Core Director; Co-project director)
Program project grant to develop diagnostics and therapeutics for caliciviruses. Projects in this grant include the development of new methods to detect caliciviruses. Palzkill’s role is as director of the Small Molecule and Protein Chemistry Core and co-director of the diagnostic development aspect of the program project.
Development of Coactivator-Dependent, First-In-Class Therapies for Breast Cancer
- #W81XWH-23-1
Grant funding from DOD
The goal of this grant is to develop small molecule drugs for cancer therapy via targeting of transcriptional co-activator proteins.