Associate Professor of Surgery
Division of General Surgery
Baylor College of Medicine
Associate Professor
Department of Ophthalmology
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas, United States


PhD from Indian Institute Of Science
Postdoctoral Fellowship at Birck Nanotechnology Center - Purdue University
Nanomedicine, Bionanotechnology
Postdoctoral Fellowship at Frontier Research System - RIKEN
Topochemical Design and Spatio-Temporal Function Materials

Honors & Awards

JSPS Post Doctoral Research Fellowship
Alkek Award for Experimental Therapeutics 2015
Hamill Innovation Award 2016

Professional Interests

  • Translational Nanomedicine
  • Nanofabricated Drug Delivery Systems
  • Ocular Drug Delivery
  • Ocular Nanomedicine

Professional Statement

Dr. Acharya’s research program focuses on the development of translational nanomedicine by integrating nanofabrication, 3D-nanolithography, and controlled drug delivery strategies. He works at the interface of medicine, bioengineering, chemistry and pharmaceutics. He is currently working on developing controlled release nanowafer therapeutics, nanodrug delivery systems for wound healing and pain management, and theranostics for image-guided drug delivery. Dr. Acharya’s research program is funded by NIH, CPRIT, and Alkek award for the Development of Experimental Therapeutics.

Selected Publications


American Chemical Society


Development of Ocular Drug Delivery Nanowafer Therapeutics
Noninvasive Drug Delivery to the Retina


Development of Ocular Drug Delivery Nanowafer Therapeutics
- #1R01EY026950-01
Grant funding from NIH
Noninvasive Microwafer Drug Delivery to Treat Retinoblastoma
Grant funding from CPRIT
Nanowafer Drug Delivery for Corneal Wound Healing
Alkek Foundation-BCM