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Chad A. Shaw, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor,Mol. & Human Gen./Shaw


B.S. from Duke University
01/1995 - Durham, NC, United States
Advanced Training from Baylor College Of Medicine
01/2002 - Houston, TX, United States
Ph.D. from Rice University
01/2001 - Houston, TX, United States

Professional Statements

My main research interests are systems biology and the analysis of large scale genomic data. My laboratory has done extensive research in the use of genomic annotations to enhance analysis of microarray experiments. We have developed a variety of web-based software including tools for Gene Ontology analysis as well as an interactive system for exploration of protein-protein interaction networks. We have also developed tools for web-based visualization and sharing of gene expression data. We analyze primary microarray data sets from all array platforms including expression arrays, genome content arrays (aCGH), microRNA arrays, and chromatin arrays with an expertise in data pre-processing and normalization. Our methodological work involves statistical considerations for use of annotations in analysis of very large scale genomic data.

Professional Interests

  • Devising new statistical methods for genome scale data using a systems biology approach:


  • RAS-MAPK-MSK1 pathway modulates ataxin 1 protein levels and toxicity in SCA1., 2013
  • The role of non-viral antigens in the cotton rat model of respiratory syncytial virus vaccine-enhanced disease., 2013
  • Application of custom-designed oligonucleotide array CGH in 145 patients with autistic spectrum disorders., 2013
  • Confounding by Repetitive Elements and CpG Islands Does Not Explain the Association between Hypomethylation and Genomic Instability., 2013
  • Global gene expression profiling in infants with acute respiratory syncytial virus broncholitis demonstrates systemic activation of interferon signaling networks., 2013

Additional Positions

Assistant Professor
Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine (STaR) Center
Baylor College of Medicine