Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight should I expect to lose?
If you adhere to our recommendations and follow-up schedules, you can typically expect better results than commercial programs that are not led by doctors.

How often are my visits during the active weight loss phase?
Your visits are monthly with our medical weight loss physician and/or our dietitian.

How often are my visits with the weight loss physician during the maintenance phase?
Your visits are as few as twice a year during the maintenance phase.

I have been in another weight loss program before, and I gained some weight back. Am I eligible for this program?

How do I get started?
Call (713) 798-7700 to schedule your initial appointment, with our weight loss physician.

What determines my success?
Your success is determined by how ready you are to make a positive change in your health, and how well you follow our recommendations and follow-up schedules.

Can I keep my current primary care physician (PCP) during and after the weight loss program?
You can always continue care with your current PCP during or after the program.

Who are eligible for this service?
Adults 18 and older.

Will my visits with the weight loss physician be covered by insurance?
Your first assessment is covered by most insurances. We will work with you for subsequent visits. Learn more about insurance at Baylor College of Medicine.