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Omentum is a student-run arts and literature publication at Baylor College of Medicine. It is a medical humanities journal at the Texas Medical Center and it aims to connect the arts, literature, and medicine. It is an annual publication that features art, music, dance, prose, and poetry from healthcare workers and students in the TMC.


Omentum Issues


We are pleased to announce that the first issue of Omentum is available!


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Volume 1

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Alumni Office Holiday Cards


Many of Baylor’s education, research, patient care and community service initiatives are made possible by donor support, and the Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Affairs wants to share Baylor’s appreciation. We invite all Baylor students and trainees of all four schools to submit an original work of art, including music, poetry, photographs, painting or any other creative piece, that evokes gratitude. Your work may be included in an upcoming holiday card to show our philanthropic donors we appreciate their generosity.

We offering submitters of visual art pieces the opportunity to submit their artwork to the BCM Alumni Office to potentially be used in holiday cards from the office.

For submissions to the Alumni Office, the deadline to have your artwork included is Oct. 3, 2021.

The deadline for Omentum submissions (art, including music, poetry, photographs) is Nov. 1, 2021 at midnight.

(If you are not interested in the Alumni Office opportunity, and only want to submit to the journal itself, then their visual art may be submitted with the due date of Nov. 1, 2021.)


Writing Contest Submissions


In addition to our general submissions, Omentum is also holding a writing contest on the topic of relationships. Submissions to the writing contest will be included in the journal in a dedicated section, with the best submissions receiving recognition. The prompt for the contest is as follows:

“In a world where overworking is the norm and time is of the essence, we often forget to take a step back to reflect on the relationships around us-family, friends, significant others, co-workers, patients, etc. We forget that we don’t exist as independent units but as one part of an interconnected whole. Write about a time (fictional or nonfictional) when relationships were built, maintained, or even broken. There is no word count limit.”

The deadline for Writing Contest submissions is Nov. 1, 2021 at midnight.

Writing Contest Submission

Publication Standards


Submissions should connect to themes related to medicine or the medical humanities in some way. Omentum is not a place for opinion or overtly persuasive pieces.

  • Prose or poetry: no word limit
  • Music: mp3 or mp4 format*
  • Art: jpeg or png files
  • Dance videos: mp4 format*

* Music and Dance videos may not contain any copy written music.

Previously published pieces are accepted, as long as the author or artist has not granted exclusive publishing rights to that other publication.

The confidentiality of information related to any patient or patient encounter is an ethical and legal obligation of all health care providers, and this publication seeks to uphold those same standards. Therefore, submissions that contain PHI or identify another individual will not be published unless signed permission is included. In addition to written details, this includes artwork and photography that could reasonably identify an individual.


Submission Deadline and Form


Nov. 1, 2021: Due date for all submissions to Omentum (prose, poetry, visual art, multimedia, etc.), including submissions to the Writing Contest.

Oct. 3, 2021: Due date for any visual art submissions you specifically wish to have considered for the Alumni Office's holiday cards.

If you are not interested in the Alumni Office opportunity, and only want to submit to the journal itself, then their visual art may be submitted with the due date of Nov. 1, 2021.

Submission Form

Submission Review


Each submission will be reviewed by our editorial board. Not all submissions will be published, and your submitted piece may be edited. I

f you have questions or need assistance in meeting the standards, contact us at