The Premedical Honors College, an eight-year undergraduate to medical school program, was established in 1994 as a partnership among The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (formerly The University of Texas Pan-American).

To date, 324 South Texas students have entered the program (142 from Baylor’s affiliated secondary schools), of whom 237 (74 percent) are Latino’s and six (two percent) are Black. Of these, 229 students already have graduated from UTRGV, 204 of who have matriculated into medical school.

One hundred and sixty-one PHC students have graduated from medical school (132 from Baylor College of Medicine and 29 from other Texas medical schools), and 111 have completed their residency training and now are practicing physicians (38 in South Texas communities). Eighteen program students are currently enrolled at Baylor, and 22 undergraduate PHC students are enrolled at UTRGV.