The primary aim of the MTFP is to enhance the educational mission of the College by improving the knowledge, skills and attitudes of individual faculty. Specifically, the fellowship is designed to increase fellow's:

Knowledge of key educational principles and theories.

Skills in lecturing, facilitating, designing and evaluating.

Interest in and ability to serve as an educational leader.

Self-reflection and readiness to benefit from constructive feedback from learners and peers.

Applications for the next two-year class of the MTFP will be open from Feb. 5 - April 1, 2019.

What Is the Fellowship Format?

Retreat: In October 2019, there will be an eight-hour kick-off retreat as well as monthly sessions designed to help members of the class build collaborative relationships and a conceptual foundation for the remainder of the fellowship.

Topical Discussions: Once a month, members of the MTFP class will meet to discuss with an expert in the area specific topics (i.e., educational pedagogy, evaluation, research).

Independent Projects: Fellows will be required to complete, primarily during the second year of the fellowship, an educational project that involves application of educational principles to address a meaningful educational problem.

What Time Commitment Does It Require?

A new class of fellows will be selected and initiated every two years. The fellowship extends for 24 months, starting in October. During this time, fellows are expected to commit at least six hours per month to prepare for and attend Friday afternoon sessions and to work on their independent projects. They must also include time for workshops and mini-fellowships.

Fellows should be prepared to make a 5 percent time commitment to the program.

What is the Cost?

We are going to charge a tuition fee of $500.  The following will be the fee schedule:

Due July 30, 2019 - $200 per/person
Due July 30, 2020 - $100 per/person
Due July 30, 2021 - $200 per/person

We are asking the department of the section to pick up the cost of this year program for their faculty members. If they do not agree to cover the charges, we will need to obtain tuition fees from you. We will contact your chairs as well to ask them to fund this tuition. If you would prefer for us to not contact your chair, please let us know.

How Do I Apply?

Contact Dr. Geeta Singhal in the Office of Faculty Development at (713) 798-7285 or email