Service and Expertise

The Tissue and Cell Culture Core Laboratory maintains active cultures of many types of mammalian cell lines as well as maintains frozen stocks of a larger cell library.

General services include maintenance of active eukaryotic cell cultures and plating cells for experimental procedures. The Core also has stocks of a variety of culture media and sera, including charcoal-stripped media, available for purchase. Other services available include cell cloning, establishment of primary cell cultures including mouse embryo fibroblasts, mycoplasma testing, specialized media preparation and generation of stable cell lines.

Core personnel are familiar with various cell culture procedures and are able to advise on methods appropriate for specific experimental objectives.

Contact Information

Director: Carolyn L. Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology
Baylor College of Medicine
One Baylor Plaza, DeBakey M522
Houston, TX 77030

Phone: (713) 798-6235