Peer Recovery Expansion Project

Peer Recovery Expansion Project (PREP) (320x240)
Peer Recovery Expansion Project (PREP)

The Department of Family and Community Medicine has partnered with the Center for Recovery and Wellness Resources to launch the Peer Recovery Expansion Project. PREP will draw upon a community-wide collaboration to expand and enhance peer recovery support services in three neighborhood centers in the Greater Houston area. The project will prepare and support individuals in addiction recovery who are making the transition to careers as recovery support specialists through the Texas Peer Recovery Coach Institute. 

PREP was designed, developed, and implemented primarily by individuals who have experienced addiction and recovery in their own lives, who seek to create an opportunity for others to realize the promises of 12-step programs in a professional capacity. Specifically, individuals participating in PREP will have the opportunity to experience that no matter how far down the scale they have gone, they will see how their experience can benefit others. The ultimate goal of these activities is to expand substance abuse treatment and outreach capacity while enhancing treatment service engagement for low-income Hispanic/Latino and African-American men and women who experience multiple barriers to accessing, engaging, and benefiting from substance abuse treatment services. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration through the center fund the three-year project for Substance Abuse Treatment. Samuel MacMaster, Ph.D. heads the department's efforts.