About PIC-S

Established in 2014 with funding from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the Practice and Implementation Center – South (PIC-S). PIC-S is based at Baylor College of Medicine’s Department of Family & Community Medicine (Houston, Texas) and is dedicated to providing medical and behavioral health professionals the skills necessary to effectively prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders through alcohol screening and brief intervention (aSBI) in an interprofessional, team based manner, specializing particularly in the areas of family medicine and social work. Besides other CDC-funded practice and implementation centers, PIC-S partners with The University of Texas at Austin, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the National Association of Social Workers to continue the work previously done by the Southeast Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Regional Training Center.

PIC-S Faculty

The PIC-S has faculty who are experts in the fields of family medicine, pediatrics, developmental pediatrics, preventive medicine, addiction medicine, social work, nursing, physical therapy, medical ethics, and global health, including:

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