Huffington Department of Education, Innovation and Technology

Collaborative Learning Lab


What's in the Lab?


The Collaborative Learning Lab is a learning space specifically designed for hybrid and active learning. Its flexible seating/furniture includes seven individual learning pods, each equipped with a microphone and monitor to help facilitate group active learning and collaboration. 

Other technologies include the following:

  • Large dual-display monitors (2) for presenting.
  • Mersive Solstice Pods (7) that support collaboration and enable students and educators to share content, ideas and knowledge in real-time; great for team-based learning and small group work.
  • Vibe Smartboard, a digital whiteboard that enables real-time collaboration and interactive teaching, regardless of physical location.
  • Motion Tracking Camera that gives educators and facilitators the ability to walk around the classroom during a hybrid workshop while remaining in view for remote participants. 

How to Reserve the Lab


Priority will be given to workshops conducted, sponsored and/or hosted by the Huffington Department of EIT and the Center for Teaching and E-learning. However, if you have an educator professional development workshop and are interested in reserving the lab, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Complete the Collaborative Learning Lab Room Request Form
  2. Wait for your confirmation request to be reviewed and approved.
  3. Once you have received confirmation, contact Glenn Bridges, Senior Instructional Designer, to schedule orientation
  4. Visit the lab prior to the start of your workshop to become familiar with the technology and physical space or practice your workshop! 

Questions about the Collaborative Learning Lab:

If you have any questions about the collaborative learning lab, or are interested in collaborating please contact:
Dr. Sherita Love
Executive Director, Assistant Professor
Center for Teaching and eLearning