All vectors produced by the VDL are manufactured in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices. Our commitment to GLP regulations makes all of our vectors suitable to pre-clinical studies. There are many features that constitute compliance with GLP including establishing and strictly following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the production of all vectors. Below you will find links to all SOPs followed by the VDL. Feel free to check out our SOPs and contact us if you have questions.

Adenoviral Vector SOPs

VDL100.2: Cloning transgene into pAdenoX
VDL101.3: Cloning transgene into pAd5F35
VDL102.3: Production of adenovirus in 293 cells (transfection)
VDL103.3: Plaque expansion and harvesting adenoviral vector
VDL104.3: Extraction of adenoviral DNA and genome analysis
VDL105.2: Preparation of adenoviral vector lysate
VDL106.3: Large-scale amplification and purification of adenoviral vector

Retroviral Vector SOPs

VDL300.3: Production of retroviral vector by transient transfection 

Lentiviral Vector SOPs

VDL400.2: Production of lentiviral vector in 293FT cells

Quality Assurance/Quality Control SOPs

VDL601.3: Standard assay for detection of replication competent adenovirus
VDL602.2: Rapid assay for determining adenoviral vector titer (pfu/ml)
VDL603.2: Plaque assay for determining recombinant adenoviral vector titer (pfu/ml)
VDL607.2: Determination of retrovirus titer
VDL609.2: Determination of lentivirus titer
VDL611.2: Sterility test
VDL612.2: Endotoxin assay
VDL613.2: Test for host cell DNA contamination
VDL614.2: Detection of mycoplasma in cell lines

Support SOPs

VDL701.1: Growth and maintenance of 293FT cells
VDL702.1: Growth and maintenance of 293 cells
VDL703.1: Growth and maintenance of Phoenix A/E cells
VDL704.2: Phenol/Chloroform/Isoamyl Alcohol Extraction of DNA
VDL705.1: Growth and maintenance of A549 cells