The Center for Cell and Gene Therapy at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital, and Houston Methodist Hospital provides an infrastructure to rapidly translate novel cell and gene therapy protocols from the laboratory to the clinic. The comprehensive approach of the center brings a wide variety of scientists and clinicians together to develop strategies for the treatment of cancer, HIV and cardiovascular disease.


The center is located on the three different campuses. The Shell Center for Gene Therapy, the basic research laboratories, is located in the Alkek Tower at Baylor College of Medicine.

Texas Children's Hospital houses:

  • Laboratory space to support the pre-clinical research component
  • Gene Vector Laboratory for the production of clinical grade vectors
  • Translational Research Labs
  • Cell and Molecular Therapy Laboratories, which operate under Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines

Patient facilities include the adult stem cell transplant unit at Houston Methodist Hospital and the pediatric stem cell transplant unit at Texas Children's. For more information, please visit our healthcare site.

Our Scientific Mission

The Center for Cell and Gene Therapy will interact with basic research and clinical departments at Baylor College of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals to discover and develop novel therapies for a range of diseases.

It is our intention to have the capability of moving basic pre-clinical discoveries into the clinical phase of development for initial evaluation in our patients. To allow this, we will have the resources to manufacture a wide range of viral and non-viral vectors to transfer genes of interest and the capability of separating and manipulating human cells.

These combined genetic and cellular therapies should enable us to treat a range of conditions, both congenital and acquired, in almost every system of the body.