Current Fellows

Jessica Baldwin, M.P.H.

Jessica Baldwin  (320x240)
Jessica Baldwin

M.P.H., Healthcare Management, University of Texas Health Science Center

B.A., English, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Coordinator, Center for Innovations in Quality, Effectiveness, and Safety, Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, and Baylor College of Medicine

Brady Gibson, M.B.A.

Brady Gibson  (320x240)
Brady Gibson

M.B.A., Rice University

B.A., Anthropology, University of California—Los Angeles

Marketing and Communications Intern, Fannin Innovation Studio

Summer Associate, Goldman Sachs

Special Forces Green Beret Medic, United States Army

Spotlight on Past Fellows

Michelle Chang, M.H.A.

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Michelle Chang

Year of fellowship: 2018-2019

M.H.A., Cornell University

B.S., Public Health, University of Texas at Austin

Administrative Intern, Houston Methodist

Background: Michelle attended the University of Texas at Austin, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Public Health. She then obtained her Master of Health Administration degree from Cornell University.

Focus during fellowship: During her fellowship, Michelle completed rotations in several clinical and business departments, including Orthopedic Surgery, Clinical Affairs, Baylor Improvement Group, Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Affairs, Patient Business Services, and Corporate Programs. Some key projects Michelle worked on include the management and facilitation for a new clinic open, a testing tool to assess portfolio and project management methodologies, and the analysis of physician turnover data.

Current status: Michelle is currently a project manager in Corporate Programs. In this role, she is focused on program initiatives and expansion, as well as new clinical development. Michelle manages several of the business operations, including patient experience, finance, process improvement, and more.

Carrie Jiang, M.H.A.

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Carrie Jiang

Year of fellowship: 2018-2019

M.H.A., Columbia University

B.A., Economics, Rice University


Administrative Intern, Mount Sinai Health System

Administrative Intern, Baylor College of Medicine

Background: Carrie attended Rice University where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. She then obtained her Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Columbia University.

Focus during fellowship: During her fellowship, Carrie completed rotations in the Department of Medicine, SAP, Office of the Provost, Patient Business Services, and Clinical Affairs. Some key projects that Carrie worked on include a gap analysis of BCM-owned educational space across the Texas Medical Center against current utilization, an assessment of clinical operational and facility needs in preparation for clinic relocation, and the development of self-pay pricing packages for international patients.

Current status: Carrie is currently a project manager in the Office of Clinical Affairs. In this role, she oversees the process for physician recruitment and program development, as well as strategic planning in the clinical space at Baylor College of Medicine.

Jordan Rothfeld, M.S.H.S.M.

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Jordan Rothfeld

Year of fellowship: 2017-2018

Background: Jordan attended Rice University where he received his bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. He then went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Health Systems Management at Rush University.

Focus during fellowship: During his fellowship, Jordan explored clinical operations and strategic development through rotations in the Departments of Medicine, Orthopedics, IT, Otolaryngology, SAP, Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Relations, Clinical Affairs and the Office of Research. While working in the Department of Orthopedics, he assisted in leading the departmental strategic planning process aimed at developing a one-, three-, and five-year strategic plan to differentiate the Baylor College of Medicine Department of Orthopedics in the Texas Medical Center.

Current status: Jordan is currently a project manager is the Office of Research. In this role, he is focused on growing the commercialization effort at Baylor College of Medicine to revolutionize the way that healthcare is provided at the bedside.

Tetiana Pavlovska, M.H.A.

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Tetiana Pavlovska

Year of fellowship: 2017-2018

Background: Tetiana received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics with minor in Math from Southern Connecticut State University. Upon graduation, she worked at Yale New Haven Health system in Patient Access and Internal Consulting. After a year of working in healthcare, Tetiana attained a Change Acceleration Process certificate as well as a Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist certificate through AAHAM. Upon gaining healthcare experience, Tetiana returned to school and obtained her Master in Healthcare Administration degree from Columbia University, graduating in 2017.

Focus during fellowship: During her fellowship, Tetiana supported the work of the organization's senior administrative and clinical leadership through direct engagement and collaboration on organizational projects. Tetiana rotated in a number of business and clinical departments, including Patient Business Services, Baylor Improvement Group, Ambulatory Operations, Department of Orthopedics, Department of Urology, Development Office, and Research. Some of the key projects that Tetiana worked on include physician compensation plan redesign, organizational process framework design, clinics relocation facilitation and management, as well as analysis and recommendation for clinical operational process improvement.

Current status: Tetiana serves as a Project Manager in Patient Business Services. Her functions and responsibilities include overseeing and managing revenue cycle performance in 11 clinical departments, as well as serving as a liaison between clinical departments’ administrators and the organization’s Patient Business Services. Tetiana performs revenue cycle process improvement utilizing data analysis, deep dives, and provides clinical department leadership with actionable information.

Donny Banerjee, M.S.H.A.

Donny Banerjee (320x240)
Donny Banerjee

Year of fellowship: 2016-2017

Background: Donny attended Mississippi State University where he received a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry. He received his Master of Science in Healthcare Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

Focus during fellowship: During his fellowship, Donny’s work spanned several departments, including Orthopedic Surgery, Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Relations, Facilities, Baylor Improvement Group, Finance, Medicine, Patient Business Services, and Graduate Medical Education. While working with the Department of Medicine, he was given the opportunity to lead the patient volume analysis and space allocation tracking for their multi-million dollar clinical and administrative move.

Current status: Donny is currently a project manager in the Office of Graduate Medical Education. His primary duties include working with college and affiliate leadership on institutional accreditation, process improvement, and strategic planning.   

Arun Ponnambalam, J.D., M.H.A., M.B.A.

Arun Ponnambalam (320x240)
Arun Ponnambalam

Year of fellowship: 2016-2017

Background: Arun attended the University of Florida where he received a Bachelor’s in history and then moved on to the University of Miami where he obtained his J.D. After a few years working in healthcare, Arun returned to school at the University of Houston-Clear Lake where he graduated with a dual Masters in Health Administration and Business Administration in 2015.

Focus during fellowship: Arun’s experience during the fellowship was well-rounded and encompassed a variety of different areas including education, Office of the General Counsel, Clinical Operations, Communications, Business Development, Research, Compliance, The Department of Surgery, The Baylor Improvement Group, and The Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy. One of Arun’s primary projects was an organization-wide physical security assessment that was performed with both General Counsel and Compliance departments.

Current status: After completing his fellowship, Arun transitioned into his new role as an administrative associate with the Human Genome Sequencing Center at Baylor College of Medicine. His responsibilities include managing contracts, grants, financial budgets, purchasing, HR compliance and process improvement.

Julian Oolut, M.H.A., M.B.A.

Julian Oolut (320x240)
Julian Oolut

Year of fellowship: 2015-2016

Background: Julian attended the University of Houston where she received a bachelor’s in biology. She received her Masters of Healthcare Administration and Masters of Business Administration from the University of Houston-Clear Lake in 2015.

Focus during fellowship: During her fellowship, Julian worked in a variety of areas and with several leaders within Baylor College of Medicine and its affiliates. Throughout her fellowship, she completed several projects and rotations in Patient Business Services, Clinical Revenue Cycle, Business Development, Clinical Operations, Departmental Operations, Human Resources, Data Analytics, and the Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Relations. Julian had the opportunity to serve as the lead on a vendor cost analysis project, which allowed several clinical departments to achieve significant cost savings. Julian also led a project in which she helped develop a more efficient mechanism to standardize exam room protocols in clinical departments.

Current status: Julian is currently the Section Administrator of the Section of Diabetes and Endocrinology in the Department of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine – Texas Children’s Hospital. She manages several areas of the section, including budget, finance, human resources, departmental policies, grants management, and a variety of other business and clinical operations. Julian works closely with the Baylor’s TCH affiliate to facilitate the implementation and management of business and clinical initiatives.

Steve Winder, M.H.A.

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Steve Winder

Year of fellowship: 2014-2015

Background: Steve attended Brigham Young University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Public Health. He received his Masters of Healthcare Administration from the University of Minnesota in 2014.

Focus during fellowship: During his fellowship, Steve was able to work with a variety of leaders within Baylor College of Medicine as well as with its affiliates. Steve was also able to work on projects that provided him with exposure in business development, facility operations, clinical department administration, data analytics, and human resources. During his fellowship, Steve was able to lead a project to revamp nurse compensation, in which the College updated its compensation model for over 200 employed nurses.

Current status: After his fellowship, Steve transitioned to Business Development where he works as a project manager to provide decision support and business planning for physician recruitment and practice expansion.

Megan Bogany, M.H.S.M.

Megan Bogany (320x240)
Megan Bogany

Year of fellowship: 2013-2014

Background: Megan attended the University of Chicago, where she received a bachelor’s in Comparative Human Development. She received her Masters of Science in Health Systems Management from Rush University in 2013.

Focus during fellowship: During her fellowship Megan explored a variety of areas across the institution including Neurosurgery, the Medical Genetics Laboratories, IT, Finance, and Business Development. Her longitudinal project focused on supporting efforts to create the Baylor's Radiation Oncology Department. She also spent time working on several process improvement projects for clinical and non-clinical areas.

Current status: Megan is currently a Senior Project Manager with the Clinical Affairs Department. In this role she manages the business operations for the Department of Radiation Oncology and she assists BCM’s clinical executive team with business plans, data analysis, and other strategic initiatives.

Aditi Sheth, M.H.A., M.B.A.

Aditi Sheth  (320x240)
Aditi Sheth

Year of fellowship: 2012-2013

Background: Aditi attended The University of Texas at Austin, where she received a BBA degree in finance and minors in biology and Spanish. She received her MHA/MBA (Masters of Healthcare Administration and MBA in Healthcare Administration) from the University of Houston - Clear Lake in 2012.

Focus during fellowship: Aditi explored a variety of areas across the institution that allowed her to gain experience in working with clinical and research departments and leaders, finance, human resources, and Baylor affiliates. During her fellowship, Aditi was able to lead a project for the Baylor Department of Psychiatry, which focused on using new and innovative methods to reach out to patients in the rural community. Her longitudinal project involved managing significant areas of the licensure and accreditation process for the Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Current status: After her fellowship, Aditi joined the Office of Philanthropy and Alumni Relations as a project manager to direct the high-level donor financial and impact reporting process. She was promoted to business manager and administrator for the department in January 2016. Her role allowed her to work with leadership, finance, HR, and other administrators to develop new strategies and practices that focused on efficiency and growth. In March 2018, Aditi moved over to the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences as their new business manager. In this role, she oversees the HR and accounting functions for the department. She manages a variety of business operations and process improvement initiatives for the department.

Erin Cannon, Ph.D., M.P.A.

Erin Cannon (320x240)
Erin Cannon

Year of fellowship: 2009-2010

Background: Erin attended Texas A&M University and received a bachelor's in sociology and a master's in public administration. After finishing her administrative fellowship, Erin completed doctoral studies in healthcare management biostatistics, graduating in 2016 with a doctorate.

Focus during fellowship: Erin took advantage of the flexibility within Baylor’s fellowship program to structure her year-long rotations around departmental and clinical operations. Erin had the opportunity to serve as the lead on a cost containment project for the Department of Ambulatory Operations and conducted an examination of historical practices regarding record retention and storage. Another project where Erin felt she made a significant contribution is when she compiled and analyzed existing insurance revenue cycle data for the Department of Molecular and Human Genetics. In fact, she was recruited into the department by Sean Kim, another former Baylor fellow, as a project manager in the spring of 2010.

Current status: Erin is currently the Senior Director of Clinical Business Services in the Patient Business Services department at Baylor. Her main responsibilities revolve around managing affiliate hospital and clinical departmental communication on revenue cycle metrics and matters, special projects, offsite clinical revenue cycle start-up, and many other duties. On top of her revenue cycle responsibilities, Erin is also the program supervisor for the Administrative Fellowship Program