About the Lagor Lab

The Lagor Lab is focused on the lipid metabolism translational approaches to treat lipid disorders. Basic science projects focus on genes that are associated with lipid levels and cardiovascular risk in humans. These studies rely heavily upon genetically engineered animal models, and seek to provide more in depth information about the molecular pathways involved, and the physiology of lipid metabolism in the context of the whole organism.

Translational projects in the lab involve the development of novel gene delivery vectors and applications. We use Adeno-Associated Viral (AAV) vectors to manipulate gene expression in animal models, and to perform preclinical gene therapy for metabolic disorders. A key area of interest is developing strategies for somatic genome editing with the CRISPR/Cas9 system.

Key Areas of Interest

  • Somatic genome editing with CRISPR/Cas9
  • Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors
  • Gene therapy for metabolic diseases
  • Genetic factors influencing de novo cholesterol synthesis and trafficking

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