Assistant Professor
Medicine-General Med/Ben Taub
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX, US


PhD from University of Texas Health Science Center
Environmental Health Science and Spatial Epidemiology
MS from University of Iowa
Environmental & Occupational Health
MS from University of Iowa
Urban and Regional Planning
Graduate Certificate at University of Iowa
Global Health Studies
BSc from Obafemi Awolowo University
Environmental Design and Management

Professional Statement

With professional and research experience that cut across multiple fields (including environmental sciences, urban and regional planning, public health sciences, spatial information management and international health/development), my primary career focus is the use and application of environmental epidemiological processes, particularly space- and place-based processes, to examine, explain, and positively promote population health outcomes.

Biomedical geospatial analytics and spatial epidemiology focus on geographic variations and the environmental contexts of health-related states and behaviors. Researchers investigating the etiology, treatment and management of diseases (infectious and chronic) are increasing their use of spatial data due to the growing awareness of the important role of the environment in health-related behaviors and disease exposures. The availability of increasingly robust spatial datasets, improved technological capacity in geographic information systems (GIS), and growing sophistication in spatial analytics have led to more vigorous spatial models and expanded interest in geoinformatics and health. When used optimally, GIS is a powerful information management tool for data analysis and decision-making across health care domains and interests.

Selected Publications