Specializing in Surgical Weight Loss

The Comprehensive Bariatric Surgery Center at Baylor College of Medicine specializes in surgical weight loss to improve the health and well-being of severely overweight or obese patients. Our highly-trained experts offer compassionate care and a variety of surgical options including minimally invasive procedures. Learn more about us.

Dr. Carlos Galvani and Dr. Juliet Holder-Haynes (372x158)

Meet Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team includes specialists in bariatric surgery, gastroenterology, sleep disorders, and cardiology.

Patient Information (372x158)

For Bariatric Surgery Patients

Bariatric surgery patient information as well as general patient forms and information including insurance, pay online, billing, hotel/motel guide, customer service, privacy practices (HIPAA) and more.

Dr. Juliet Holder-Haynes and Dr. Carlos Galvani (372x158)

Bariatric Surgery Services

Our surgeons are skilled in the latest bariatric surgery techniques, including laparoscopic procedures. Learn more.

Bariatric Surgery Free Seminars

Free Seminars

Interested in bariatric surgery? We offer free seminars every Thursday afternoon. Each session provides an overview of surgeries, process and dietary information. To reserve a space in an upcoming seminar, please call (713) 798-5700 or email bariatricsurgery@bcm.edu.