About the Lab

Since 1999, the Vector Development Laboratory has developed and implemented novel cellular and gene-based treatments for a variety of diseases.

Gene transfer vectors provide investigators important research tools in studies of gene function. They can make gene delivery easy and efficient in a number of models of disease. The Vector Development Laboratory, located within the Cell and Gene Therapy Center on the 10th floor of the Alkek Building at Baylor College of Medicine, functions as a preclinical service and GLP manufacturing facility for gene therapy vectors.


The Vector Development Laboratory provides comprehensive service in the design, creation, production, and analysis of standard gene therapy. To help investigators chose the optimum vector system for their proposed application, the VDL has available many different "off the shelf" vectors containing a range of reporters, which will provide essential information about transduction. See our vector services webpage.

Cost Savings

We also strive to produce vectors at the lowest possible cost. We operate as a non-profit core facility so the price of the vectors and any associated testing are provided to you at cost, meaning we do not charge anything above and beyond what is costs us to produce the vectors or complete a service request.

Expertise and Standards

Expertise in all current vector systems is provided by a group of experienced investigators, dedicated to the production of viral vectors for use in basic research. Because vectors are prepared to Good Laboratory Practice standards, these agents, and the preclinical data generated from their use, can be valuable in the later development of clinical trials in gene therapy. We understand that many of the investigators utilizing our vectors are not experts in vectorology. Because of this, we commit to advise you on how to use the vectors, troubleshoot problems and answer any questions you may have.