James D. Frost, Jr., M.D.

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Vital links between brain tumors, epileptic seizures found Feb. 7, 2017
Research suggests detecting brain tumors at the earliest possible stage and eliminating them before seizures begin might be possible one day.
Throwback Thursday: The rest of the story Nov. 5, 2015
Back in April of this year we featured this interesting picture and wondered what was going on. We wanted to know…
Single gene mutation responsible for catastrophic epilepsy July 8, 2009
The BCM Department of Neurology team replicated the defect in mice, developing a mouse model of the disease that could help researchers figure out effective treatments for and new approaches to curing the disease.
Book Release – Infantile Spasms: Diagnosis, Management, and Prognosis July 31, 2003
The etiology of infantile spasms/West syndrome remains unknown; the pathophysiology is poorly understood and the optimal course of treatment is controversial.