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Computer Systems Tools & Information

E-Mail Hoaxes

This website maintains a list of virus hoaxes.

Unlocking your BCM User Account

  1. Click http://password.bcm.edu
  2. log in with your Baylor ECA
  3. Click Unlock my Accounts
  4. Follow the prompts to unlock your account


A Konica Minolta C558e scanner is located in room 2019. Scanning instructions are posted by the scanner.

Baylor Email on your Smart Phone

  1. Start here: https://it.bcm.edu
  2. Enter Mobile Device in the Keyword Search
  3. Click on Mobile Device Management Requestli>
  4. Click Wireless Email Activation
  5. Change Request Type from none to Receive Access
  6. Click 'Submit'

You will receive an email in a few minutes with setup instructions

BOX accounts

You can use your BOX account to share large files with others outside (or inside) Baylor.
Read more about this here: https://intranet.bcm.edu/index.cfm?tmp=/it/tools/box

Statistical software licenses for SAS and SPSS

The cost for SAS is $175 per year and the software licenses is for a 1 year period beginning September 1. The cost for SPSS is $225 and the license period begins August 1.
Contact Jeff Vilaysane if you need SAS or SPSS software.