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Bioelectrical Impedance Schematic

bia schematic

One of the more common types of bioelectrical impedance analyzers.

Stick-on electrodes are placed onto the hand and foot. The outer electrodes supply the electric current, while the inner pair of electrodes measure the resistance.

Usually, a range of current frequencies is applied, hence the process is refered to as bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy (BIS).

A more limited commercially available bioelectrical impedance analyzer.

This apparatus is a scale as well as a BIA device. It determines body weight in the course of performing the BIA measurement. The electric current travels mostly through the lower half of the body. An estimate of percent body fat is produced.

leg to leg bia
arm to arm bia

A third BIA technique.

The electric current is passed from hand to hand. Length (arm span) is measured during the test and incorporated into the calculation. Current travels mostly through the upper part of the body.


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