Frequently Asked Questions

General Product Questions

Can I share a document from within my computer’s web browser?
No, but you can open the document and then share your desktop by clicking the Share your Screen icon.
Do I have to use a computer to join a meeting?
No, you can use just about any device to join a meeting (web browser, iOS device*, Android device*, and room conference system).
Do I need a camera and microphone to join the meeting?
No, you can call in to the meeting by telephone only. The email invitation will have the meeting call in numbers.
How do I log out of the BCM Videoconferencing meeting home page?
Click your name in the upper, right-hand corner, and then select Logout.
How many simultaneous videoconferences can BCM Videoconferencing host? Is there a limit?
There is no limit to the number of videoconferences that can be hosted at the same time.
What information do I need in order to use BCM Videoconferencing?
You only need your BCM username and password to schedule meetings. Note that a BCM account is not required for joining meetings.
Why can’t I schedule meetings at www.bluejeans.com?
You must log in using your BCM username and password to authenticate, and this is only possible through the BCM Videoconferencing site at bcm.bluejeans.com.

Videoconferencing Questions

Can I create recurring meetings?
Yes. From the Schedule Meeting section, select the Repeat Meeting (daily, weekly or monthly) checkbox.
Can I schedule a meeting without a moderator?
Yes. From the Schedule Meeting section, within the Advanced Meeting Options menu, select the Moderator-less Meeting checkbox. This allows the meeting to start after two participants arrive. The person scheduling the meeting will have moderator controls (mute all, drop, etc.) available for use, should they decide to join.
Can I share my desktop during the meeting?
Yes. From the Active Meeting View window, click the Share your Screen icon.
Can only BCM staff members join my meetings?
No, anyone can join your meeting events.
How can I locate the Meeting ID number?
There are three ways: From the BCM Videoconferencing Meeting Room home page, from the email invitation, and from within the Active Meeting View screen, click the Controls icon.
How can participants join meetings?
There are three ways participants can join: Click the Join Meeting link from the email invitation, click Join a Meeting from https://bcm.bluejeans.com, or touch the Join tab from the BlueJeans iPhone/iPad app.
How do I exit the Active Meeting screen?
Click the Leave Meeting icon.
How many people can join my meeting?
You can host a meeting for up to 100 participants.
What is the difference between a personal meeting and a scheduled meeting?
A personal meeting is ideal for quick, one-time, on-the-fly video conferences. Scheduled meetings are used when you’re planning a one-time meeting in advance or scheduled recurring meetings. The meeting IDs for personal meetings are the same each time. Different meeting IDs are assigned for each scheduled meeting.

Mobile Questions

Can I log in to the BlueJeans app on my iPhone/iPad to schedule meetings?
No, the BlueJeans app for iOS devices* is used only for joining meetings. To schedule meetings, go to https://bcm.bluejeans.com.
Can I schedule or join a meeting using an Android device?
Yes, the BlueJeans app for Android* allows your Android device to schedule or join BlueJeans meetings.
Can I share a document from an iPhone/iPad?
Yes, locate the document on your device and touch to open it. In the upper, right-hand corner, click the Open In icon, and choose Open in BlueJeans. To share the document in your meeting, click the Share icon.

Technical Questions

Are meetings encrypted?
Yes, by default all meetings are encrypted. You will not need to modify your settings to enable encryption.
Can I access BCM Videoconferencing from the BCM Citrix Application Portal?
No, accessing BCM Videoconferencing through Citrix is not supported.
Is BCM’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) required to access BCM Videoconferencing remotely?
No, you do not need to be connected via VPN to access BCM Videoconferencing remotely.
Do I need to install the browser plugin every time I join a meeting?
No, installation of the browser plugin is a one-time set up. You will be prompted to update the browser plugin for updates when needed.
Is BCM Videoconferencing compatible with Windows 8?
Yes, but not with 64-bit browsers. In addition, you can use Internet Explorer 10 in desktop mode only.
What are the operating system requirements for using BCM Videoconferencing?
BCM Videoconferencing supports: Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Mac OS X 10.6 and above.
What do I do when I hear an echo?
If you are using a computer/laptop, use a headset and a microphone. If you hear your own voice echo, you are likely not the source of the echo. If you are the moderator, mute everyone and unmute one participant at a time to identify the source, or click the Echo Reduction option in the Active Meeting View window and verify all audio and video icons are green. If you are a participant, mute yourself, and see if the echo stops. Also, make sure you’re not receiving audio from two sources (e.g., a room system and your computer).
What web browsers does BCM Videoconferencing support?
BCM Videoconferencing supports the following web browsers: Mozilla Firefox 13.0 and above, Google Chrome 10.0 and above, Apple Safari 5.0 and above, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and above.
Why can’t I hear any audio when I plug my headset/microphone into the computer’s monitor?
If you are using an external headset, microphone, or webcam, plug the device into the main source (the computer or laptop). Do not plug it into the monitor’s USB connection; it must be connected directly into the computer or laptop.