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Telecommunication Services offers a complete suite of telephony solutions, including, but not limited to desktop phones, voice mail, and audio conference phones, etc. We provide communications solutions for research, education, patient care and administration for the College. We also provide products, services, consultation and training on communications and information services.


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Submit Customer Service Order Form

Item Definition

The Customer Service Order form can be used for new, change, disconnect, replace or move service requests and can be used for work that is both billable and free. This online form includes an electronic workflow process that will require approval from the department administrator before the Telecommunications team receives the request.


Service Level Agreement


Orders will be completed within five (5) business days, after order is received. The need for new cables, or cabling requirements such as asbestos permits, may delay completion of your order.

Orders that need to be expedited will incur a $75 charge per order.


Self-Help Resources


Additionally, you can view or download guides and read answers to frequently asked questions on this site.

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