Baylor College of Medicine

Emergency Vacation Sharing


Baylor College of Medicine’s Emergency Vacation Sharing program allows employees the opportunity to donate available vacation to a designated pool that will be used to assist other employees in need who have experienced a catastrophic event related to Hurricane Harvey and have exhausted all of their available vacation, personal, and floating time (if applicable).

A catastrophic event related to Hurricane Harvey is defined as any loss related to flooding, fires, wind and/or property damage incurred in those areas of Texas designated by FEMA as a major disaster area. The FEMA major disaster declaration for Texas is located here.

The Office of Human Resources will be responsible for managing the Emergency Vacation Sharing process. All donations and requests will be kept confidential.






Any eligible employee may donate one day (8 hours) of their available vacation by completing and submitting an Emergency Vacation Sharing Donor Form. Vacation that has not yet been posted may not be donated.

Time period to submit donated vacation time will run from Sept. 8, 2017 through Sept. 30, 2017.

Employees who donate vacation must have at least one week of available vacation time remaining after they have made the donation.

Emergency vacation donations will be transferred immediately to the Vacation Sharing pool once the donation has been received.

Donations may not be rescinded in part or whole for any reason once the completed form has been submitted to the Office of Human Resources/Regulatory Compliance.

Unused donated vacation will not be returned in part or whole in the event the donated time is not issued to a recipient by the end of the donation time period.




The recipient must complete an Emergency Vacation Sharing Recipient Form.

Eligibility to receive donated time will be reviewed by the Office of Human Resources.

Recipients may not convert the vacation day(s) received under the plan into cash in lieu of using the vacation.

Time period to utilize donated vacation time will run from Sept. 5, 2017 through Oct. 31, 2017. Any requests for donated time after Oct. 31, 2017 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.




Emergency Vacation Sharing Donor Form
Use this form to donate vacation days.

Emergency Vacation Sharing Recipient Form
Use this form to request donated vacation days.