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Manage Your Listings


Since Find a Physician uses your Signature profile data, you can make a Signature profile for each Find a Physician listing.


First, Create a Signature Profile


You can use and customize your existing clinician profile in Signature, or make a new one just for use with Find a Physician. If you practice at more than one location, you can duplicate an existing profile, or make a new profile, for each location.

  1. Log into Signature
  2. If you have an existing clinician profile, check that you have filled out and assigned all the attributes listed below.
  3. If you don't have any clinician profiles, add one and check that you have filled out and assigned all the attributes listed below.
  4. Select the Apps tab at the top of the screen and ensure that Signature is connected to Find a Physician.

Basic Attributes to Share


The following basic attributes can be displayed in your listing:

  • Addresses (office and clinic)
  • Email addresses
  • Employment
  • Gender
  • Honorifics
  • Language skills
  • Phone numbers
  • Profile photos

Professional Attributes to Share


The following professional attributes can be displayed in your listing:

  • Certifications/Licensure
  • Education
  • Professional Interests
  • Professional Specialties
  • Professional Statements
  • Skills/Expertise

Second, Create Your Listing


In these steps, you connect your Signature profile to a Find a Physician listing.

  1. Visit the Find a Physician admin tool
  2. Select the "Help People Find You" button
  3. Log in with your Signature credentials
  4. Select the "Get Started" button
  5. Select the Signature profile you want to show in this listing, give it a title and description (for your internal use), and select "Manage Listing"
  6. Click the + button for any suggested specialties, procedures, and conditions that apply to you. You can also add them in the text field under "Add Criteria" and select the + button.
  7. Scroll up and select the "Places Listing Appears" menu, and check where you want the listing to appear.
  8. Select "Expand profile" on the right side of the page
  9. Scroll down and select "Refresh"

Third, View Your Listing


View your listing the way your patients would see it.

  1. Visit Find a Physician
  2. Search for yourself by name, condition, or specialty
  3. Review your listing

The Signature-Find a Physician Connection


Find a Physician is an application that pulls profile data you entered in your Signature account. You can control which profiles to share with your Find a Physician listings.

For more information on managing your Signature data, see the links below.


Don't See Your Updates?


After making changes to your Signature profile that is connected to your Find a Physician listing, be sure to refresh your listing.

When in the admin tool, select the Expand Profile button, then scroll down and select Refresh. You can now reload your listing in the public search side of Find a Physician and see the change.


Need a Hand?


Email the Find a Physician support team with any questions or support needs.