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Frequently Asked Questions (Accessing Box for BCM)


Find answers to frequently asked questions about accessing Box at BCM.


How do I access my Box enterprise account?


There are several ways to access your Box@BCM enterprise account using your SSO login.


After successful login, the account will be created and it will be possible to immediately access the new account.

Signing in to a Box@BCM account is always done using a BCM ECA and password. View instructions on how to log in to Box.


How do I get a BCM enterprise Box account?


For Users with Existing Box Accounts:

I'm already using Box with an @bcm.edu email address

If you currently have a Box account using your @bcm.edu email address, you will not be able to create a new Box account in the BCM enterprise domain. Instead you will be directed to login using BCM SSO Login and your account will be migrated to the enterprise account level.

I'm using Box with a non @bcm.edu account

If you prefer to KEEP your personal account:

  1. Change the email address attached to your personal account to a non @bcm.edu account
  2. Then, sign up for an enterprise BCM box account at bcm.box.com using your ECA.
  3. You now have two accounts, one BCM Box account, and one personal account with a non @bcm.edu address.

To convert your personal account into a Box@BCM account

Contact the OIT Help Desk to have your personal account invited into the BCM Box enterprise.

Converting your Box account allows you to maintain any collaboration you have and gives you the benefits of an enterprise Box at BCM, which will provide you with unlimited amounts of storage.

  1. An invitation will be sent to your email address
  2. Accept the invitation to complete the process

Self-Help Resources


Additionally, you can view or download guides and read answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Box User Guide


Need More Training?


See self-paced and live training options for using Box at BCM.