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Box Workgroup Creation FAQs


Answers to frequently asked questions on creating Box Workgroups.


A Box Workgroup allows you to scale your account by granting blanket permission to a sub-set of your users. You can decide to designate key people to be Group Admins to help you manage and monitor these clusters of users. Designate a user as a Group Admin if he or she needs to only manage a subset of your users.


How can I request a Box Workgroup?


You can request a Box Workgroup for your department, lab or office. A group will allow multiple users access to your files and folders. This is useful for sharing files and folders with a team or group of people. You will be able to invite groups to folders, grant group permissions and delegate others to be co-admins of the group.

By default, the group button is disabled. In order to create groups, you must first complete a Box Workgroup Creation Request Form. This form can be found in the Service Catalog at bcm.service-now.com under:

Data Center & Servers -> Box Workgroup Creation Request Form

Once the form is submitted, OIT will create the Workgroup and notify the requester by email.

You will be prompted to provide the following information:

  1. Enter the requester's email address. This person should be the group admin. The rest of the information will auto populated to include department, manager and phone information.
  2. Specify a workgroup name. This should be a meaningful name related to the use and purpose of the group. The recommended format is BCM-OIT-(your department name and/or project).
  3. Indicate Yes or No, if this group is being requested to work on a particular project.
  4. Provide a brief name for the project.
  5. Group Admins - list all BCM employees who will be group admin. You can decide to designate key people to be Group Admins to help you manage and monitor these clusters of users.
  6. Requested Completion Date - enter the date you will need to have the group created by. IT will try to accommodate your request.
  7. Click Order Now

Who can request a Box Workgroup?


Any Box user can request a Box Workgroup account. Email notifications will be sent to the email address associated with your request. The request form will facilitate this process.

Once approved, the group account will be created by IT and several things will happen:

  • A folder will be added to your account that you will have editor rights to – that means you can add files or edit files.
  • You can create a Box Note to describe the contents of the files and folders.
  • If the members of your group don’t have BCM Box accounts, accounts will be created for each of them.
  • The same folder will appear in their Box accounts, but they will only have view rights – which means they can see the files, but they cannot delete or edit them. You can change their permissions from inside Box.

What are the guidelines for managing my Workgroups?


View best practices on managing your Workgroups.


Self-Help Resources


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