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Box for BCM Accounts for Alumni and Retirees


Find answers to frequently asked questions about Box at BCM Accounts for Alumni and Retirees.


What happens to my Box at BCM account when I leave?


When someone graduates, resigns or leaves BCM, OIT / HR will provide instructions for establishing a personal Box account.


Are alumni and retirees eligible for a Box at BCM account?


Alumni and retirees are ineligible for a Box at BCM enterprise account. Box at BCM accounts only cover active faculty, staff, and students. Therefore, alumni and retirees will NOT be able to access their BCM Box accounts upon leaving.

Procedures for Alumni and Retirees

Students nearing graduation and staff nearing retirement should do the following:

  • (Assuming you want to continue using Box for cloud storage), open a personal Box account under an email address other than @bcm.edu. You may use a personal email account or @alumni.bcm.edu account as well. Box offers free personal 10GB accounts.
  • Go through the folders in your Box at BCM account. Any folders that are personal should be transferred to the new box account you have opened. Any folders that are work-related should be transferred to a co-worker.
  • Visit the Box support site for instructions on how to change the owner of a folder.

Self-Help Resources


Additionally, you can view or download guides and read answers to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Box User Guide


Need More Training?


See self-paced and live training options for using Box at BCM.