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Drop Off


When a user creates a drop-off, he or she enters some identifying information about himself or herself (name, organization, and email address); identifying information about the recipient (name and email address); and chooses what files should be uploaded to the Bigfile Upload Service.

If the files are successfully uploaded, an email is sent to the recipient explaining that a drop-off has been made. This email also provides a link to access the drop-off, as well as the 16-character passcode that the user must enter to gain access. Other information (the Internet address and/or hostname from which the drop-off was created, for example) is retained, so that the recipient can verify the identity of the sender.

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Size Limitations on Uploads


Being able to upload files larger than 2 GB depends on the browser being used.

The Bigfile Upload Service software itself has limits on the amount of data that can be uploaded in a single dropoff. Even for browsers that support uploads larger than 2 GB, dropoffs may not exceed 8.0 GB per file, or 8.0 GB total for the entire dropoff.




If your browser reports a bad or broken connection after downloading a significant portion of the file, or an error page is displayed that indicates you dropped off no files, then you are most likely connected to the Internet via a connection too slow to move the amount of data in a timely fashion. Your computer has approximately 10 minutes to fully send or receive a dropoff.