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Benefits of Box


Simple, Secure Sharing


Quickly and easily share files with anyone at BCM and around the world. Share large files, view and comment on any kind of document, and access files on multiple devices.

  • Stop sending large attachments via email. Instead, use customized Box shared links with passwords, expiration dates and restricted download access.
  • Instantly create shared folders for projects of any size and control what each individual can access. Manage co-owners, editors and view-only collaborators in a few clicks.
  • Create a secure link from anywhere—web, mobile or desktop—and instantly adjust the security of your files on any device.

Control Your Content


Need to share highly confidential documents? Use Box permissions and reporting capabilities to control and monitor access.

  • Share content only with collaborators that have a BCM business reason "need to know"
  • Deactivate collaborators when their access is no longer required
  • Choose from seven different permission types, including “view” or “upload only”, to control exactly who has access to content.
  • Create secure processes with features like email uploading (without folder access), content automation and strict security policies.
  • Make sure you control what content is available to users with scheduled file deletion and link deactivation features.
  • See what’s happening to important files as edits and comments happen, via email, the Box updates tab or with real-time alerts.

Your Files Are Safe


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes in knowing your content is safe in the cloud.

  • A stolen laptop or lost thumb drive doesn’t have to mean lost files when your files are stored in the cloud.
  • End-to-end security—from device to data center—keeps critical content safe.
  • Box data centers, facilities and operations are Safe Harbor certified. Box also encrypts your data at transfer with high-grade SSL and at rest with 256-bit AES.

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Self-Help Resources


Additionally, you can view or download guides and read answers to frequently asked questions.

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