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Baylor College of Medicine

Join a Meeting


From Your Computer


Choose your connection type once you:


As an alternate to the browser plugin, Mac and Windows users can participate in live meetings using the Blue Jeans desktop app. This app will download automatically when you choose the Desktop App connection option to join a Blue Jeans meeting.

Click here to download the app for PC.

Click here to download the app for Mac.


From Your iPhone/iPad

  1. Click the link in the email invitation, or open the Blue Jeans app*.
  2. Touch the Join tab.
  3. If the app was launched from the email invitation, the meeting ID and password (if required) will automatically populate. Otherwise, enter the meeting ID and password (if required).
  4. Touch the Join button to enter the meeting.



* If the app is not installed on your device, you will be prompted to download the app.

** The Blue Jeans app is used only for joining meetings. To schedule meetings, log in to your BCM Videoconferencing account at bcm.bluejeans.com (not www.bluejeans.com).