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Office of Student Affairs

Houston, Texas

Office of Student Affairs - student engaged in various BCM activities
Office of Student Affairs
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Student Affairs Mission Statement

The Office of Student Affairs:

  • Strives to build an environment that supports diversity through sensitivity, advocacy, leadership and education.
  • Fosters students' academic and intellectual development and creates a climate that reinforces learning in all aspects of student life.
  • Creates services, programs and opportunities to assist students with their personal and professional development.
  • Provides a wide range of educational opportunities, a greater appreciation and understanding of diversity and preparation to assume leadership roles in the community.
  • Provides advice regarding career options and helps prepare and guide students in reaching their career goals, whether practitioner, physician scientist, clinical investigator or allied health professional.
  • Assists all students in successfully making the transition from student status to post-graduate training.
  • Responds to the issues, ideas and needs of all constituencies, internal and external, by providing support and services to faculty, staff, alumni and the community.

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