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What is my ECA?


An Enterprise Computing Account (ECA) is the basic account issued to all Baylor College of Medicine faculty, staff, and students, as well as other people associated with Baylor College of Medicine under special circumstances. This account is primarily used for checking email, dialing directly into Baylor College of Medicine's network, or accessing some of the enterprise resources that require user authentication. This account is sometimes referred to as "email account", "watson account", or "express account". While these references are understood, it is best to refer to your main Baylor computer account as your ECA or Enterprise Computing Account.


Where can I find my ECA?


If you are unsure of your ECA, can find it by searching for your name using the Baylor College of Medicine Intranet Find a Person tool: http://intranet.bcm.edu/?fuseaction=search.person

The results of this search will provide, among other things, your ECA.