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How do I handle my many publications?


I have hundreds of publications. Entering them in Signature will take hours. Is there a better way?


Yes. We are currently working to integrate Signature with VIICTR, which connects to MEDLINE/PubMed and will serve as comprehensive repository for all faculty publications.

Until this integration is complete, we recommend that you validate your list of publications in VIICTR, and then, in Signature, add a link to your VIICTR profile under the website attribute. You may also enter a few specific publications in the Publications attribute (or choose from ones already listed) to highlight those on your website bio.

To learn how to validate your publications list in VIICTR, go to http://profiles.viictr.org/about/default.aspx?tab=faq.

To add a link in Signature to your VIICTR profile, go to the Websites attribute and enter a name (My Publications Listing) and the URL for your VIICTR profile.