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Houston, Texas

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Xue Bin

Xue BinProject Description:

Fibroblast growth factor receptors (FGFRs) are comprised of four receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) which are known regulators of cellular and developmental processes, including proliferation, migration, survival and angiogenesis. FGFR1 and FGFR2 are primary FGFRs expressed during mammary gland development. Deletion of either receptor resulted in delayed gland outgrowth. However, our earlier study showed that deletion of both receptors led to a marked attenuation of transplantability and outgrowth potential due to the loss of basal compartment containing mammary stem cell (MaSC) population. My project is aiming to uncover the mechanism of MaSC regulation by FGFR signaling.

Deregulation of FGFRs has been found in multiple cancers, including breast cancer. FGFR1 is one of the top ten genes amplified in all cancers. Amplification occurs in ~10% of breast cancers and is linked to poor prognosis and resistance to hormone-based therapy. In our previous study, by using an inducible MMTV-iFGFR1 X MMTV-Wnt1 mouse model, we showed that activation of FGFR1 signaling in an MMTV-Wnt1 mouse model accelerated tumor growth by enhancing the translation of Wnt1 target mRNAs. My second project is to uncover the mechanism of the enhanced protein translation mediated by FGFR1 signaling and find out new therapeutic ways to treat FGFR1 amplified breast cancer.

  • Joined: August 2011
  • Position: Graduate Student
  • Degrees: BS, Jilin University 2007; MS, Chinese Academy of Science 2010


Pond AC, Bin X, Batts T, Roarty K, Hilsenbeck S, Rosen JM. 2013 Fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling is essential for normal mammary gland development and stem cell function. Stem Cells. 2013 Jan;31(1):178-89

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